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I am so thankful to have found such a great and dedicated photographer. Shelly has been capturing my little son's personality for the last two years, but I feel like Ive known her forever. Ive enjoyed every session and I cant wait to see what she has in store for us next year. Keep up the good work, :)

August 2010 will have marked my third session with Shelly. I tell her all the time, "I am a client for life!" and with good reason. Shelly has photographed the first year of my daughter's life. She has captured moments, looks, and smiles that will hang on my walls for years to come. There is something very special about her style. Getting that perfect shot is as important to her as it will be you. However long or hard she needs to work to get it....she will. My last two sessions we have walked away laughing and sweating! But the images she captured those days will speak for themselves. There are very few times someone comes in my house that does not ask, "Wow, who took those pictures?" She's patient and creative and you won't find better editing anywhere. Each time she has surprised me with something bigger and better than before. She has a heart for people and treats her clients very well. There is not a price you can put on that. We love SBP!

There aren't enough words to express how much we love Shelly! She has captured the best days of our lives in the last year! Pictures are always a great sentimental item to keep, and every time I see how she has captured our photo's I cry like a baby. She's always positive and in a happy go lucky mood. She's there to get the best pictures possible and she will do anything to capture those moments; at my wedding she was laying in dirt to get the photo she wanted! She will keep trying and trying until she gets "that" photo! We love her so much and wouldn't choose anyone else to keep capturing those special moments in our lives!

Thank you for capturing every attitude of our daughter. Pictures are perfect when you are able to capture that child's personality and you do that each time. From the big smiles, to thumb sucking, to unhappy looks...that is what you do best and you get those pictures any way you have to. You walked away from our first family outdoor photo session with wet pants and from the second session with scratches on your legs from getting into the brush. We appreciate the extra efforts you take to get those perfect poses of our children and us. I have referred you to many friends and I will continue to do so.

Shelly is such a great photographer! She just did our little guy's nine month pictures tonight. I am always so impressed with how much time she takes with us to get the perfect pictures. Our little boy is a handful, but because of Shelly we always end up with so many amazing pictures. She is so patient with people. She is the only person I would trust with capturing our families memories!

Shelly is an AMAZING photographer and such a fun person to be around. She is patient and really captures the personality of her subjects. I think you can see that in her work and in my kids photos she did such a GREAT job! Her photographs are my new addiction! :)

Shelly is such a hard working, dedicated photographer and is sure to capture the most candid and unbelievably adorable pictures. She is not one to rush you along, and makes you feel like you are part of her family. Such a great photographer, friend and so much more!

Shelly is such an amazing photographer and person! we challenged her with a family photo session with my 2 yr old son and 4 month old son chose picture day to be extremely uncooperative but Shelly did an amazing job with him and was able to get some adorable family pics and even some super cute pics of my son by himself! We are so happy with them! You're the best Shelly!

My husband and I were starting a new chapter in our life and wanted to be sure that we captured every moment of it... That's where Shelly came in. Shelly has a great eye for capturing those moments that some photographers miss. She loves her job and it shows through her photography. Her moto is "I take the picture with my camera and capture it with my heart" and this couldn't be more true. I couldn't give a higher recommendation than saying I trust her with capturing my little girl growing up.P.S. The only problem with Shelly that I have ever had is having TOO many pictures to choose from when ordering. I WANT THEM ALL!

Shelly is a bundle of energy! We've used her twice(both on hot days-- up in the 90's). She was so much fun---especially when she brings out those stupid head ornaments and makes her funny faces to get babies to smile...very entertaining. She's very conscientious about making sure to get an image of you at your best; she checks for straps showing, crinkles in clothes and can even soften the wrinkles in faces (not that I have any,mind you)!

No one can take a picture like Shelly can. Storybook Photography by Shelly couldn't have been a better name for what Shelly does. Shelly captures moments: good, sad, mad, happy, crazy, bitter, silly. All of those little moments capture the "real" person and tell the story of their life. Some photographers make you pose, tilt, smile, shift, rest an arm here, a leg there...but not Shelly. She has perfected the art of capturing the story of each individual for who they are. Our very first family pictures (with all three babies) were taken by Shelly. One of our most treasured "things" in our whole This one in particular has all three babies in it, crying and trying to run away from Santa (who is also crying!). We keep this huge picture up year round right in the middle of our kitchen nook. We are proud and amused at the sincerity in it. But like everything Shelly does, it tells a story. Jacob is terrified and wants to get out of there and doesn't care how many candy canes he is giving up. Delilah is confused and is following suit of her big brother. And Delaney, she's only 2 weeks old, she thinks they are all nuts. Oh and Santa, he just wants them to like him but can't even bribe his way into a smile for the camera. We just recently had another sitting with Shelly. The kids are a little bigger, a little wilder, a little sweeter and a lot smarter. Shelly had to work her little butt off to entertain the kids' wild imaginations. They took turns being superheros, photographers and my silly little babies. Shelly, I am sure, captured the peak of each of their big personalities. We will be forever grateful for the amazing stories Shelly has and will continue to capture for us as our family matures. Thank you, SuperShelly.

Got Multiples? If you are parents of twins, triplets, or other higher order multiples, Shelly is your gal. Shelly had the challenge of photographing our triplets shortly after their 2nd birthday. She has more patience and stamina than most people I've ever encountered! After 3 photo sessions with Shelly, my children ask to see her. They adore her, and we are grateful for her.

I have never ever seen any photography as perfect as yours Shelly! Your pictures without any edits are extremely awesome and couldn't get any better! You have always captured the most sentimental moments everytime you have taken my families pictures. Your very awesome with Sophia and you keep her very excited throughout the whole picture process! One of my most favorite moments is when you took Sophia up in your arms and said, "I just wanna take you home with me." I think you have an extremely huge heart for everyone you take pictures for! You treat everyone like they're your family, you take them under your wings and capture the most sincere, natural, amazing photos anyone could ever ask for. Your so very kind and cherish every moment your behind the camera. You'll take however much time is needed to capture that "one picture" your looking for. You're a very amazing person and Ash, Soph, and I couldn't ask for anyone better to capture all our life's moments! You know your able to take Sophia for the day whenever you would like! We trust you like your our sister! Your the best Photographer anyone could ever ask for Shelly!! Your simply the best! Everything you have done has been a blessing to us! Thanks so much and let us know if we can ever do anything in the future to help you out! monial Text