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My Story

How did I get into Photography?

I have always LOVED photos! Funny thing is my mom and my sister both have a photo obsession too! Photography started out as a hobby for me. I did take a few classes in college, but I am self taught for the most part (and always wanting to learn more about photography).

About my photography style:

My goal is to photograph moments that are real, yet unique! :) I have a studio located in Greenwood off of 135; however, I do love outdoor photography and I encourage you to book an outdoor session! I understand how much work goes into getting ready for picture day and I will strive to capture the most memorable and beautiful images possible!!! If you are mostly interested in perfectly posed pictures then I hope you are scheduling a newborn session...this is the only session that I focus on posing! As for my other sessions, I do try to capture a variety of images from posed to candid, but I have a passion for lifestyle photography. Speaking for myself, I want to remember every moment in life, well maybe not every moment...but I especially want to remember my children being children. For me that involves more than just the smiles and joy my children bring me but the pouty faces and messy hair they so often have! Realistically, we all want amazing photos of our kiddos looking super happy, cute and clean! I realize that and I will do any crazy thing or make any silly sound I have to make if that's what it takes to capture a smile, and I will do my best to avoid any possible messes until the end of the shoot. I especially love close-ups and although I really do love to capture laughter, often some of my favorite photos are of children with a blank stare that's full of curiosity and wonder! How awesome it is for me to capture images of children so intrigued with life and so ready to explore the big world! Please keep my photography style in mind during your session and let me know if you have any ideas or particular moments you would like for me to try to capture! You know your child more than I do!

About me personally:

I am a pretty simple person, but I love to dress up for special occasions or to go out with my hubby or friends. I prefer to live in my pajamas most of the time! Even on the days I dress my best, I must be comfortable!

I have an amazing family and amazing friends! I love to travel and explore new places! My hubby introduced me to a whole new world after I met him! I was born and raised in Florida, and I had never even stepped on a plane until I was 21! I had no idea that my home would become Greenwood, Indiana. I love it here though!

I am a pretty outgoing person, but at times it can take me a little while to warm up to people (...unless there's a camera in my I LOVE children and I LOVE being a wife and mother! I grew up in a very big family that I love dearly (my mom raised 8 of us children total). I have found that not every moment in life has been or always will be picture perfect, but I serve and love an awesome God Whom has so much GRACE! I believe there's always a road that can lead you to a mountain top! Yes, even the rough roads! Let God be your guide!

Not only do I love God and my family, but I love people! I think that is why I love photography. Everyone is different and that is what makes you-YOU! Pictures are a wonderful way to share your story with others now and in the future!!! I love knowing I will capture memories that you will treasure FOREVER!

So what's your story???

Special thanks to Portraits by Patti for capturing my family portrait (on left of this page).