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I can't take all the credit for a great picture! I will need your help!

*Please come looking and feeling your best!

*Try not to be in a hurry! You're paying for this session, so don't short change yourself!

*If you are bringing children, feel free to bring snacks and drinks (and maybe some wipes to clean them up if needed)!

*Be creative with your wardrobe! You don't have to go out and spend a ton of money on new clothes! Dress up the clothes you already have with a fun hat, scarf, or shoes! Wear some color! Layer! Layering allows you to change the look of your outfit. Jackets and sweaters are easy ways to layer! Don't stress when nothing fits your newborn because they often photograph best with no clothing. Feel free to contact me for more help and ideas.

*Relax, prepare to have fun, and be ready to be yourself!

*I don't use a ton of props but I do have a handful that I really love!!! I also have plenty of knitted hats for newborns and a great variety of adorable headbands w/ bows and flower clips for little girls. I have also been slowly stocking up on tutus! Feel free to bring your own props; however, for children consider pulling them out towards the end of the shoot unless you love the prop enough to possibly have it in every I have found children have a difficult time letting go of their props once they have them.

*Don't forget to clean up your nails unless you don't mind chipped nail polish in your pictures.


I have several I can suggest! If you know of an amazing location, let me know! Here are just a few to be thinking about:


*Farms and fields

*Canals, lakes, and ponds

*Downtown Indy or Oldtown Greenwood

*Your home

*The zoo gardens

*Indianapolis State Museum

*The railroad tracks

Note to my Floridian fans: There are great places in Winter Haven to take photos too! If you want to book an appointment with me, just let me know and I will get back with you on the dates I plan to be in your area! The picture to the left (along with several others on my website) was taken in sunny Florida! Credits go to Christine (aka: my B.F.) for following my first tip (to look and feel your best)! She had me laughing when I turned around and there she was looking in the mirror & fixing her make-up for the next photo! I knew I would get some use out of this picture ;)